E-Book Series

Series Overview

I began writing the Kindle e-book series A Christian Response to Jesus Mythicism in 2013 in order to produce a thorough refutation of the Jesus mythicist movement that could be updated as needed when new challenges arose. The series allows readers to study specific topics independently of each other as each book may is self-contained. This does necessitate some degree of overlap between books but it allows the reader to concentrate on specific points of interest.

I have tried to keep the price relatively low to allow pastors and students who often are on a strict budget to have an affordable resource on the topic. Each book in the series is priced at $4.99 or under in the US with the majority at $2.99 or under (comparable prices apply elsewhere). For those who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited (at $9.99 per month), the books are free to read within that program. Prices may vary in the future. If I decide to update any book (this usually means adding new material and/or correcting any typos), the expanded version may be downloaded for free for those who have already purchased the book. Those who do not own a Kindle device may download free software from Amazon that will allow them to read Kindle books on their PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad/iPod, or Android device using the link directly below:

Once a significant portion of this series is published, there should be no question that the current fad of Jesus mythicism has little in the way of substantial evidence supporting it.

Series Book Listing

1. A Quick Survey of Jesus Mythicism: New Scholarly Paradigm or Old Pseudoscholarship

2. Meet the Mythicists: A Christian’s Guide to Jesus Mythicism’s Misguided Scholars and Crank Conspiracy Theorists

3. Origins of Jesus Mythicism: Confused Esoterica and Angry Polemic

4. Debating Jesus Mythicists: Combating the Quackery

5. Evaluating Jesus Mythicist Claims: Responding to Pseudoscholarship

6. Jesus and the Sun: Is Christianity a Solar Myth?

7. Prophet of Zeitgeist: A Critique of the Jesus Mythicism of Jordan Maxwell

8. Neither New Nor Strange: How Jesus Mythicists Misrepresent the Church Fathers

9. A Defense of Jesus Christ for the Brethren in India: A Critique of Sita Ram Goel’s Jesus Christ: An Artifice for Aggression

10. ZEITGEIST: The Farce: Thoughts on a Jesus Mythicist Phenomenon

11. Contra Pagan Christianity: Countering the Psuedohistory of Frank Viola & George Barna

12. Quoting Barker: A Critique of the Jesus Mythicism of Dan Barker

13. Cut and Paste Jesus: Is Jesus a Copy of Other Gods?

14. Orpheus Crucified??: On the Trail of a Dubious Artifact

15. Plan 9 from Jesus Mythicism: A Critique of Acharya S’ “The Christ Conspiracy”


16. Afrocentric Ideology and Church History: A Critique of Walter Williams’ “The Historical Origin of Christianity”