16. Afrocentric Ideology and Church History

One of the most influential voices for Jesus Mythicism in the Afrocentric movement has been Walter Williams whose The Historical Origin of Christianity is a staple reference for Afrocentric mythicists. It does not seem to matter that Williams is clueless concerning history and his accusations are wild conspiracy theories that have their basis not in history but his own imagination. In Afrocentrism and Church History: A Critique of Walter Williams’ “The Historical Origin of Christianity”, Albert McIlhenny exposes the many blunders and baseless claims in Williams’ book and leaves the reader questioning not only the academic rigor of Williams’ supporters but their sanity as well.

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The contents of the book are as follows:

Series Introduction


Chapter 1 – A Question of Sources

Chapter 2 – Confused Reactions

Chapter 3 – Even by Mythicist Standards …

Chapter 4 – Historical Jesus and the Gospels

Chapter 5 – Alexander the Great

Chapter 6 – Ptolemy I

Chapter 7 – Great Library of Alexandria

Chapter 8 – Rewriting the Great Persecution

Chapter 9 – The Donation of Constantine and the Edict of Milan

Chapter 10 – The Donatists

Chapter 11 – Arius and the Council of Nicaea

Chapter 12 – Nestorius and the Council of Ephesus

Chapter 13 – Later Councils

Chapter 14 – The Name of Jesus

Chapter 15 – Walter Williams and The New Testament


Appendix 1 – Serapis and Jesus

Appendix 2 – New Testament Manuscripts