14. Orpheus Crucified??

Since it first appeared on the cover of Freke & Gandy’s The Jesus Mysteries, the photo of an alleged artifact with Orpheus (often misidentified as Dionysus) hanging on a cross has been a staple of Jesus mythicist websites as evidence of prior crucified gods. There seems to be no awareness among those displaying the photo prominently that it was shown to be a fake over a half century ago. In Orpheus Crucified??: On the Trail of a Dubious Artifact, Albert McIlhenny reviews the strange history of this object and why it was ultimately exposed as bogus and demonstrates the futility of recent attempts by some Jesus mythicists to rehabilitate it.

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The contents of this book are as follows:

Series Introduction


Chapter 1 – Freke & Gandy’s Gambit
Chapter 2 – What If It Were Real?
Chapter 3 – Rethinking the Amulet
Chapter 4 – Freke & Gandy Reply
Chapter 5 – Francesco to the Rescue?
Chapter 6 – D. M. Murdock Enters the Fray


Appendix 1 – Justin Martyr’s First Apology