12. Quoting Barker

Former music minister Dan Barker has paraded himself both as a prominent Christian pastor turned atheist and as an expert on why Christianity is wrong. Among other things, he has argued Jesus never existed. In Quoting Barker: A Critique of the Jesus Mythicism of Dan Barker, Albert McIlhenny shows that while Barker may be truthfully relating his ignorance when he was a Christian, his move to atheism has not done much to expand his horizons. The methodology is the same – he just plays for a different team. In examining his articles, books, and debates, Barker is proven to have done little but repeat the pseudoscholarship of others when discussing the historical Jesus. Whatever it is Barker may be selling, expertise is not part of the package.

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The contents of the book are as follows:

Series Introduction


Chapter 1 – Mythicism in Dan Barker’s Books
1.1 – Barker’s Background
1.2 – Gospels as Evidence
1.3 – External Sources
1.4 – Philo
1.5 – Justus of Tiberias
1.6 – Josephus

Chapter 2 – Dan Barker’s “Debunking the Historical Jesus”
2.1 – Barker’s “Scholars”
2.2 – An Intriguing Lawsuit?
2.3 – What Did Dan Barker Not Know and When Did He Not Know It?
2.4 – Conclusion

Chapter 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Debate
3.1 – The Format
3.2 – Dan Barker’s Opening Statement
3.3 – Strange Objection
3.4 – Conclusion

Chapter 4 – Regression
4.1 – Barker and the Scholarly Consensus
4.2 – Barker on Nazareth
4.3 – Barker on Tacitus and Josephus
4.4 – Barker on I Corinthians 9:1
4.5 – Barker on Paul’s Resurrected Jesus
4.6 – Conclusion


Appendix 1 – Did Eusebius Approve of Lying for Jesus?
Appendix 2 – Justin Martyr’s First Apology
Appendix 3 – Firmicus Maternus and the Devils’ Christs
Appendix 4 – Mary and the Ark of the Covenant