10. Zeitgeist: The Farce

In 2007, Zeitgeist: The Movie went viral with its conspiracy theories and wild claims about Christianity, 9/11, and the banking system. In Zeitgeist: The Farce, Albert McIlhenny has collected some essays he has written that place the section of the film on Christianity (and its major influences) under the microscope and notes how the claims were based upon bogus claims made by crank authors and occultists over a century ago. The supposed evidence is so utterly ridiculous that we could all laugh about it were not it so influential with the “internet generation.” The essays (and appendices) contained here should put the damper on even the most determined Zeitgeist supporter.

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The contents of the book are as follows:

Foreword [by Nick Peters of Deeper Waters Ministry]


Series Introduction


1. What’s a Zeitgeist?

2. Screams of a First Time Zeitgeist Watcher

3. Outline of an Early Interview with Peter Joseph

4. A Brief History of Zeitgeist

5. Peter Joseph as a Panfortean Iconoclast

6. Zeitgeist: The Movie and Zeitgeist: The Movement

7. Jesus Mythicism as a Conspiracy Theory

8. Crossing the Jordan

9. Acharya S Does Not Exist! (A Parody)

10. Why Zeitgeist? Why Now?

11. Zeitgeist and 10,000 BC

12. Zeitgeist and Parallels

13. Zeitgeist and Astrology

14. Zeitgeist and Remsberg’s List

15. Zeitgeist and Justin Martyr

16. Zeitgeist and the “Good Mythicists”

17. The Perseverance of the Absurd


Appendix 1 – We Three Kings

Appendix 2 – Zeitgeist, Luxor Temple, and the Nativity of Jesus

Appendix 3 – Luke 22:10 and the “Age of Aquarius”

Appendix 4 – Acharya S and the Crucifixion of Horus

Appendix 5 – Acharya S, Attis, and William Butler Yeats

Appendix 6 – The Twelve Disciples of Mithra and Horus

Appendix 7 – Zeitgeist, Acharya S, and God’s Sun

Appendix 8 – Carrier vs. Ehrman Scorecard

Appendix 9 – Acharya S, Bart Ehrman, and the Penis-Nosed Rooster Man

Appendix 10 – Mary and the Ark of the Covenant

Appendix 11 – The Orpheus Amulet